David Lynch Reporting from China

David J. Lynch - Military aviation museum Datangshan, China

Pollution Poisons China’s Progress
XIDITOU, China — Thanks to China’s incredible boom, the local economy here has nearly doubled in just four years.

Discontent In China Boils Into Public Protest
WANLI, China — When the local government announced it was going to confiscate their homes and businesses to make room for a new development, residents of this village in southeastern China fought back.

In China, Profit At Your Own Peril
LANGWUZHUANG, China — On the last Tuesday in May, a local Communist Party official invited Sun Dawu to lunch. But when Sun, a prominent businessman, reached the restaurant, he found the invitation had been a ruse.

Help Stops For Chinese Village Battling AIDS
XIONGQIAO, China — The flimsy pale slip of paper is almost all that stands between Xiong Changming and the ravages of AIDS